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Mac Computer Repairs

Our team of professional Mac computer technicians can be trusted to provide you with Mac computer repair done right the first time. Our friendly Apple computer experts have been called geniuses. We will provide friendly advice about your Mac repair no “geek speak”.

Mac Tune-Ups

Mac Tune-up services provided daily by the best Mac Professional in Prattville AL. At BWS our team of Mac wizards are experts on how to get your Apple Computer running faster. At our walk in Prattville location we assist clients with Mac diagnostics and repair.

Mac Data Recovery

Did your data on your iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro computer or Macbook laptop fail or become lost? As the finest Mac data recovery specialists in Prattville, we understand how important your Mac computer data repair is. So, if you have lost files on your computer, get in touch with Prattville’s trusted Apple computer techs today to provide what night be a seemingly genius data recovery.

Mac Tune-Up Express

Our friendly Prattville Mac experts will perform critical operating system updates and patches. Check status of Antivirus software subscription. Scan for Computer Viruses, Spyware, Adware, and Trojans. Optimize operating system to provide maximum system and data security. Your Apple computer might just be so much faster that you might think it is new.

Mac Tune-Up Complete

It may appear like some genius gremlin has invaded your Apple computer. Don’t despair, our highly trained Prattville Mac computer specialists will remove unwanted and unneeded software to ensure maximum system performance. We do a deeper scan to discover Hijack Software, Keyloggers, Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA), Potentially Unwanted Programs. Plus everything included in the Tune-Up Express.

About BWS – The Friendly Mac Computer Experts in Prattville

BWS is been serving as your local Apple computer specialists in Prattville since 1996. We are a locally owned and our friendly team of Mac experts is ready to provide you with what many have called genius. The BWS team of Mac computer experts can provide both hardware and software support, our quick turn around times comes from our investment in the latest state of the art computer diagnostic tools, closely following computer repair news and alerts, and having a local team of trusted professionals ready to solve your Mac issues.

The BWS Computer Repair Center is in Prattville Alabama off East Main Street. We are your local computer wizards in Prattville, AL. We specialize in computer repair, laptop repair, Windows repair, PC repair, and Mac repair. Give us a call or stop by our local store where walk-ins and residential customers are welcome daily!

We stock new computer hard drives, video cards, network cards, and other critical parts to get you up to speed quickly and conveniently. And if needed we can quickly order any needed parts.

And if you current computer needs a refresh our Prattville Computer Service Center has brand new desktops and laptops in stock ready to get you back to normal quickly.

Scheduled onsite computer repairs are available. We can come to you home or business and fix any issue you have. Rest easy our friendly experts are highly trusted and background checked.

Call us today (334) 358-6305 or Walk in at 1836 Glynwood Drive, Prattville AL.