Medical Practice, Healthcare Software and Doctor’s Office Network Support.

Since 1996, BWS Technologies has been providing IT services including:

  • EMR/Practice Management software
  • Secure Encrypted Onsite & Offsite Backups
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
  • Cloud Computing and Remote Desktop solutions
  • Website and Social Media for Medical Practices
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security best practices

Today, as doctors and medical practice professionals, you rely heavily on technology devices to support patient care. Many different systems connect providers to patients, medical specialists, online resources. The HIPPA regulatory environment is stringent, and new state healthcare exchanges place additional security and privacy pressures on healthcare organizations.

BWS Technologies monitors and manages your network 24/7/365

Managed Backup & Recovery

Protecting patient data isn’t usually the first thing medical practitioners think about in the morning when they’re on their way to work. But simply, it’s a dose of preventive medicine for your medical practice’s data and overall computer network.BWS Technologies managed backup and recovery ensures that when something goes wrong and no valuable medical practice data is lost.

We too often forget the electronic equipment we use is much like a living, breathing being. The equipment’s life expectancy depends on proper care, avoidance of accidents, and as little physical stress as possible. No matter how much care a device is given, just like living beings, it will stop functioning one day. You can be assured that all your data is safe and secure with the same type of protection that only Fortune 500 companies previously enjoyed when BWS Technologies is your data backup and data security provider!

Network Security

Unauthorized access to your medical practice could jeopardize not only day-to-day practice operations, but the privacy of patient health records. A firewall is no longer enough to protect these valuable assets. In order to meet current regulations today’s medical practice should be secured by a unified threat management (UTM) network gateway, managed end point protection, and real time reporting and trusted information technology professionals.

BWS Technologies actively manages network threats with:

Intrusion Prevention intercepts attacks in their tracks. Working transparently on your network, this innovative application uses thousands of signatures to detect, block and log intrusion attempts, using industry-standard best practices.

Attack Blocker watches for “Unfriendly” machines and over time earn bad reputations and are limited, dropped and rejected. Attack Blocker can also quickly identify unauthorized use of network resources and stop those resources from being allocated to unauthorized users.

Protocol Control covers a broad set of applications, such as Instant Messaging, Peer to Peer activity, online games and streaming media, that can clog your network, reduce productivity, and infect computers with spyware, malware, and viruses.

Virus Blocker protects your entire network from virus threats. Whether it’s a virus, worms, Trojans or malware, our Virus Blocker keeps emails, webmail, downloads and file transfers safe with the latest advances in antivirus technology, and works within a variety of different protocols.

Spyware Blocker will stop spyware, adware and malware before it makes it to your network—and find already infected computers with our powerful Spyware Blocker. We use a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including URL blocking, cookie blocking, ActiveX blocking of bad vendors and subnet logging, to protect you from attacks and infections.

Phish Blocker maintains the highest level of protection for you and your employees. This application protects your network against “phishing” attacks—emails that direct users to fraudulent websites with the intent to steal personal identity, credit card information and more.

Spam Blocker protects you with top-notch spam scanning and blocking at the edge of your network—before it can do damage or slow you down. Using the latest technologies, Spam Blocker transparently scans for spam, marks messages and intercepts emails. It requires no alteration of your network’s mail configuration and is constantly updated to guard against any refinements in trickery or techniques that senders create to get around other solutions.

Policy Management allows for user, group, and time based policies for web and remote access. Examples include providing more liberal web access to specific employee groups, such as research associates, or to everyone during lunch and breaks.

Reports can be sent via email daily, weekly and monthly reports about the activity in your network and each monitored area. How many viruses and spam were blocked? Which phish were caught? What Websites were visited?


Secure Wireless Access

Mobile diagnosis carts, laptops, printers, telemedicine systems — the wires are disappearing faster than you can list the devices in the practice of medicine today. But wireless security solutions need to offer more than simple traffic encryption for security. A must-have for healthcare providers is an integrated firewall and secure wireless system to inspect and encrypt traffic, enforce common security policies over both wired and wireless networks and detect and disable rogue access points or devices.

Secure Email

No medical practice wants patients’ confidential information leaked to the wrong person. These services ensure that the right recipients open the communications intended for them using simple login mechanisms.Our secure email encryption services also provide automatic scanning of all content and attachments to ensure that the communication itself is not compromised.  Establishing a centralized, policy-based email encryption system also assists with regulatory compliance.

Automatic Enforcement
Enforces compliance based on pre-defined policies and rules. Reduces human error and minimizes the risk of security breaches.

Comprehensive Monitoring
Monitoring is a critical piece of your company’s overall privacy strategy. Email content is monitored, identifying confidential information leaving your medical practice and tracking where it is being distributed.

Best Practice Implementation
BWS implements a base line of commonly used rules, dictionaries, and expressions to assist in meeting the compliance standards.

Professionally Managed
We host and manage the hardware and software to enable the encryption/decryption process and manage digital identities.